6 new Coronavirus symptoms added to the list

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6 new Coronavirus symptoms added to the list

Where does it end?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) added six new symptoms to the ones (flu-like symptoms) that are associated with coronavirus on 27th April. Now the symptoms like chills or recurring shakes, muscle pain, persistent pain in the chest, new confusion, bluish lips or face, and loss of taste or smell have also been added to the previously mentioned symptoms- cough, difficulty in breathing, fever etc. The incubation period being two to fourteen days following exposure to the virus.

The cases of infected people are increasing as we speak and many asymptomatic patients have also been observed contributing to the spread of deadly disease. In a noninclusive list CDC added that immediate medical attention and proper checkups are advised upon experiencing the symptoms that have been added now.

Dr. Thomas Oxley, a neurosurgeon from Mount Sinai Health System, told CNN (Cable News Network) that not only the adults or elderly people who have health issues like heart diseases, lung diseases or any other underlying health issue, are vulnerable to the lethal Coronavirus but according to the recent reports, the young patients are also vulnerable to it. There has been a report showing “a seven-fold increase” in cases of youngsters dying of sudden strokes during the past two weeks and most of them had no past medical history or any other underlying serious health issues that could have led to their deaths.

Reports of some skin issues known as “COVID toes” have also appeared to which Dr. Esther Freeman, a dermatologist working in Massachusetts General Hospital told NBC that it may be linked to the coronavirus and the “purple lesions” could be seen either on the patients’ hands or feet but also added that this story needs to be tested first to tell whether they actually are symptoms of COVID-19 and not appearing out of any other underlying health issue. She was not sure if it is the result of blood vessel clots or inflammation caused by the coronavirus.

As long as the doctors are not adding the new symptoms, one should not make speculations for the time being and definitely refrain from panicking or worse, spreading rumors or misinformation.





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