13 reasons why New York is the best city in the world?

New York City is a dream city for everyone across the globe. The magnificence of the city is a charmer of everyone’s imagination and all of us strive to at least feel the reality of the city once in our lifetime. The city is bright always, be it in the company of the Sun or in the guidance of the soothing moon.

  • The ever-crowded city becomes spacious and quiet during the fall. A fall that proves how underrated orange is and how beautiful the shades of orange can transpire ranging from the sky to land, that the time there is nothing short of experiencing paradise on Earth.
  • The diversity of the world miniaturized in one place. NYC is a representation of the world in true terms. It has attractive and friendly people from all domains, ethnicity, and countries happily living as a citizen there. You are sure to bump into someone of your native and will believe the excitement never dies down.
  • Dance your night away to the most mesmerizing live concerts each night. NYC works day and night and it gets you a nightlife that you have never experienced before. Concerts are the go-to nightclubs if you are a music enthusiast.

  • Books, books, and more books. From free public books at public places to having a one book one city notion. The city never disappoints avid readers. A city that provides you with the greatest companions wherever you step in.
  • Zoos are not short of any kind of a jungle. With zoos giving you the real way to meet the adorable animals at the Bronx Zoo will be your favorite pastime once you get into it.
  • Want to go glamping in an affordable range. Then you glam up your weekends with the all-time amazing glamping without compromising on your comfort.
  • With a city that never sleeps, nobody can complain of having to laze around, for pumping energy needs no other means other than seeing the people, wander with the highest energy possible.
  • History at everyone’s feet. The city did rise to the sky, but with wars and struggles that have shaped the history so interestingly. And you do not need to go back in time to experience the adventure, the city is an adventure itself with the well-maintained historical places around the city.
  • Shop, fashion, and food. NYC is a hub to shopping, food of different varieties, and amazing fashion. It is a city that everyone would love for you will find everything that is found around the world.

  • One more feature of the city is its connectivity. We are not stranded at any moment in the city, the city is so well connected that one can travel with at most ease. The subways help in getting to our destination fast and easily.
  • The skyscrapers were not invented in New York, but the city does help you feel how it is to touch the sky. You will notice immensely huge buildings leading up to the sky and that is an awesome vision to wake up to every day.
  • Tourists flock into the city every day because each corner of the city is adorned with a recreational view. A city that resonates with beauty in every place.

In simple words, New York is a city that functions as the heart of the world. For all New Yorkers, life can never be on a standstill. And the efforts New York has put in to stop the spread after the pandemic spread throughout the city, is truly remarkable.

This post is dedicated to the COVID19 warriors in New York city and the world.


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